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Dear Jimmy Kimmel,

In 1969, George Harrison and the Beatles tried to share a New York singer-songwriter named Brute Force with the world and failed, because Capitol Records chickened out. You can right that wrong today, and finish what the Beatles started.

Here's the story: 41 years ago in New York City, George Harrison fell in love with an unreleased song called "The King of Fuh" by Brute Force (aka Stephen Friedland), and decided to turn it into a hit record. So he went home to England, added strings from the London Philharmonic, and pressed it on The Beatles' own label Apple Records--only to discover that there were some things even a Beatle couldn't do. After Capitol/EMI refused to release or distribute the droll ballad with its controversial chorus ("I said the Fuh King -- he went to wherever he wanted to go / Mighty, mighty Fuh King / All hail the Fuh King"), The Beatles privately pressed 2000 copies for their friends, which made "King of Fuh" the rarest Apple record of them all.

But the "Fuh King" lives on and so does Brute Force, with the October 2010 reissue of his legendary 1967 Columbia LP "Confections of Love" featuring "King of Fuh" as a bonus track (Bar/None) and "Winnebago Man" director Ben Steinbauer (via Razor Films) currently in production of a documentary about Brute's life and work. And the icing on this beautiful birthday cake (Brute just turned 70), is the release of Apple Corps "Come and Get It, The Best of Apple" CD which includes Brute Force's "King of Fuh" along with other great Apple stars like James Taylor, Mary Hopkin, and Billy Preston.

Brute Force wishes to affect the taboo on language by the performance of his song "King of Fuh" on national TV. I urge you to book him on your show so he can make a social and cultural contribution and help to end the fear associated with speaking certain words in the media, and at the same time definitely bring a load of laughs to your audience.

Jimmy, won't you please finish what George Harrison and the Beatles started in 1969, and share an amazing artist and his long-censored song with the world?

Thank you, Jimmy.

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